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10 Games to Earn Cryptocurrency

April 29, 2022 | Trading| By Uni Finance

Bitcoin continues to be the most popular cryptocurrency to date and a lot of people — either investors, traders or tech enthusiasts are exploring the world of cryptocurrency. Digital currencies are still fairly new and this is one of the reasons why some people are hesitant to invest their hard-earned money.

If you can have Bitcoin without having to invest any amount and earn it by just playing, would you give it a try? If you answered yes, then this article will be helpful. There are various crypto games online, each with a variety of features to attract crypto and NFT enthusiasts. We have rounded up 10 games that you can play to earn cryptocurrencies.

1) Silks

This project by Game of Silks ruptures the boundaries of NFT folklore by bridging the gap between the real world and the crypto world. The rich and diverse Metaverse of the Silks NFT comes with Avatars, Horses, Lands, and Stables, all existing as NFTs. As of March 15th, 2022, the whitelist sale for the Horse-riding Avatars is in process.

2) Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a 3D Multiplayer Space game built with ENJIN Blockchain technology giving players an opportunity to “Play to Earn”. The goal of Space Misfits is to be a unique, immersive, and ever-changing world that always creates new experiences and isn’t just a grind fighting unintelligent NPC.

3) Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world running on the Ethereum blockchain where players can purchase and sell plots of land using cryptocurrencies. It can be accessed through any desktop web browser, using a Web 3 wallet like for example Metamask.

4) The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an immersive metaverse where players can create virtual worlds and monetize their gaming experiences. It has a range of different universes to pick from – such as the likes of Summer Jam Land and The Walking Dead Land. Within the game, you can buy plots of land which are pieces of digital real estate.


MOBOX is a gaming platform that runs on the Binance Smart Chain and combines yield farming and farming NFTs to create a free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem. The token is MOBOX's in-game currency. It's both a reward you can earn while playing and the way you make in-game purchases, such as buying characters. You can also stake MOBOX in the platform's liquidity pool to earn rewards, stake it for a chance to win mystery boxes with MOMO NFTs, and use it to bid on NFT auctions.

6) Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world exploration, NFT creature collector, and auto-battle game built on the Ethereum Blockchain, released on PC and Mac in 2022. In Illuviums gameplay, players can explore a fantasy open world to unearth regions where Illuvials dwell and capture them to form a team fight.

7) Police & Thief

Police & Thief Game is a play-to-earn NFT game on Avalanche, a Wolf Game derivative on Ethereum. The game starts with the player minting for LOOT tokens. You can purchase the coin from an NFT marketplace. Police & Thief allows you to earn LOOT in return for staking. However, the rewards you collect will depend on the actions you choose to make – whether you unstake, harvest, or mint your coins. On the other hand, if you happen to be the police, you stand the chance to receive high rewards, in the form of bribes from thieves and other freebies.

8) Nakamoto Games
akamoto Games is a play-to-earn gaming platform offering multiple fun and addictive crypto games. Instead of relying on a single title, it presents you with a diverse selection of over 100 games to pick from.

The NAKA Token is integral to the Nakamoto Games play-to-earn ecosystem. It gives players access to any of the games within the ecosystem while also providing a system to reward the most skillful players.

9) Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is the new big deal in the world of NFT gaming and the metaverse. Multiple players can simultaneously play this real-time NFT-based combat game to earn rewards. The game utilises a real-time PVP gaming model in which players are involved in fierce battles. Players are constantly competing for rewards, and the game features three character types namely Humans, Demins, and Guardians.

10) Zed Run

ZED RUN is a blockchain-based game that uses NFTs to represent a horse. Each horse has its own unique characteristics, meaning you could end up with a champion stallion, or perhaps your horse is better equipped to be a stud. Just as in real life, building a successful horse and stable will take time, investment, and careful attention to the details.

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