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Uni Finance is giving away a 40% bonus for new and existing clients. Simply follow the steps below to get your credit bonus.

How to get the 40% promo bonus

  • 1 ) Open a live trading account.
  • 2 ) Deposit a minimum of USDT100.
  • 3 ) Check your account for the 40% bonus

Terms and Conditions

1. This “40% Bonus for Your Deposit” (“Promotion”) is open to New and Existing Clients that register with UNI.

2. This Promotion is valid from March 1-March 31, 2022 (“Promotion Period”).

3. Only 1 trading account is allowed for every client.

4. 40% Bonus for Your Deposit will be credited to the client’s trading account upon successful deposit of the first minimum deposit of USDT 100. The Credit Bonus is capped at USDT 2,000 per client.

5. All eligible clients are permitted to redeem multiple times for credit bonus after each successful deposit unless deems non-qualified by UNI. When the credit bonus limit has been reached, no more credit bonus will be given to the client

6. Credit Bonus may take up to 1 working day to be credited to the client’s trading account.

7. Credit Bonus is non-withdrawable, non-transferable, and is valid for the duration of the Promotion Period, i.e. the credit will expire on 31st March 2022.

8. If there is any capital withdrawal, including internal transfer, during the Credit Bonus promotion period, any credit bonus still existing in the trading account will be cancelled.

9. Profits from trading are eligible for withdrawal at any time.

10. The Credit Bonus can be used to offset the trading loss in the trading account. In the event of a negative balance due to trading loss during the promotion period, the Credit Bonus can be used to offset the negative balance. The stop-out level is set at 50% of the margin required in the trading account.

11. If UNI suspects that a client has abused or attempted to abuse this or any other promotional program, UNI reserves the right to deny, withdraw and/or withhold the Credit Bonus without the Client’s consent. In the event that any trading loss or stop-out is incurred as a result of such removal, UNI will not be held liable.

12. If the registration and/or trading data of a participant in the promotion corresponds with the registration and/or trading information, including but not limited to the IP address, of another existing participant in the promotion, UNI reserves the right to regard this information as match as a reason for immediate disqualification of this new participant registered.

13. UNI reserves the right to unilaterally modify, change or terminate this promotional program or any of the terms and conditions included herein, at any time, without the client’s consent.

14. Any indication or suspicion, in UNI’s sole discretion, of any form of arbitrage (including but not limited to risk-free profiting), abuse (including but not limited to participant’s trading activity patterns that indicate that the participant solely aims to benefit financially from the promotion without being genuinely interested in trading in the markets and/or taking market risk), fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage connected to a promotion, or any other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity, will nullify all previously credited bonuses of the eligible client’s real trading accounts with UNI and/or any transactions carried and/or profits or losses garnered therein.

In these circumstances, UNI reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to close/suspend (either temporarily or permanently) all eligible clients’ real trading account(s) with UNI, cancel all orders, and annul all profits of such participants. In these circumstances, UNI shall not be liable for any consequences of promotion cancellation, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Out.

15. The trading accounts held by the clients for this promotion will not be entitled to receive any other promotions offered by UNI.

16. Clients who wish to be excluded from this promotion may contact our Customer Support to do so.

17. The decision of UNI on any and all matters relating to or arising from this promotion (including the eligibility of any person to participate in this promotion) shall be absolute, final, and binding on all parties. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between these terms and conditions and those in any brochure, marketing, or promotional material relating to the promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail.