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Here, you’ll find answers to common questions regarding managing your account with us.

What’s the first step in using UNI?

You’re welcome to browse the website for the services we offer, and you can then create an official account to access cryptocurrency services.

How do I create an account and register with you?

You can easily create and open an account online through our website. Simply click the ‘Register’ button and enter your details. To register with UNI, we need your name, a valid email address, mobile phone number, nationality, residential address, and a photographic ID, such as passport, driver license or ID card.

How do I access my account?

Once you have registered and created an account, you can sign in anytime on the website with the Sign In button.

How do I top up my account?

Log in to your account and click the wallet option in the top right corner, and select deposit.

How do I withdraw from my account?

Log in to your account and click the wallet option in the top right corner, and select withdraw. If you request for withdrawal when you have open positions, you are allowed to withdraw the amount which is above 100% of the margin requirement.

How long will a withdrawal take?

Once you have submitted withdrawal, your request will be reviewed and your withdrawal processed within 24 hours.

What are your trading hours?

Monday to Friday, our trading hours are 24 hours a day. 00:00-24:00 (GMT+2)

Are there any restrictions during weekend trading hours?

Opening new positions for BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT is not allowed during the weekend, while closing existing positions is fine. If pending orders for these trading 2 instruments are triggered during weekend trading hours, the orders will automatically be cancelled. The stop loss and profit orders of existing positions will not be affected and will still operate as normal.

What are the currently supported encrypted digital currencies?

USDT 、USDC、 ETH and BTC deposits are supported at this time.

How do I bind 2FA?

Please visit this tutorial for a complete walk through.

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UNI Finance always finds ways to keep the communication line open. Experience more efficient and real-time chat support or send us an email at info@unifinance.io and our dedicated support team will get back to you shortly.

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