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The Future of Cryptocurrencies

March 4, 2022 | Trading| By Uni Finance

Cryptocurrency undeniably has had tremendous growth, as evidenced by different visual currencies that are penetrating the market. It’s growing faster despite its future not having a clear path.

The world of cryptocurrencies is rapidly attracting more traders and investors but it would always bring fear and doubt for those who haven’t tried it yet.

What is the future of cryptocurrency? Is this just a hype that would soon end or will it be more widely accepted in the coming years? Below are some of the things that we could expect from the crypto world.

Commodity Markets for Everything Digital

Advances in blockchain technology will make it easier for marketplaces to form and bring a huge amount of supply online. It is expected to see one or more major digital commodities traded readily.

Fully Decentralised Exchanges

Current centralised exchanges are eager to see how their business will evolve. Market forces will drive all decentralised order books to share and interconnect but once the entire market is completely connected, exchanges become completely, well, exchangeable.

Struggle With Tax Collection

Assuming that everyone has a completely international, unseizable asset system at their disposal, the question becomes not if one pays taxes but where. Why repatriate value to a country that overcharges relative to the value provided? This might result in more corporate innovation in keeping value far away from the tax collectors.

Wide Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies

As more countries, companies, businesses, and institutions accept cryptocurrencies as a legal tender, expect it to be accepted in many parts of the world soon.

It’s easy to predict that many digital currencies will soon prove their value and the question here is whether the crypto market can meet the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies.

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