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Our top liquidity trading services allow you to easily connect with providers around the globe. We want you to have an enjoyable trading journey, thus offering you the most efficient trading experience with world-class liquidity providers

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What Makes UNI Stand Out

UNI provides an unparalleled service that you won't find anywhere else, offering multiple benefits that even the most senior cryptocurrency trader will appreciate.

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    Choose from a wide variety of cryptocurrencies

    UNI offers diversified trading with different cryptocurrencies you can trade with.

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    Maximise Your Return with UNI Crypto Trading

    One great way of maximising your yield is by putting a focus on accumulating interest, too. Idle funds which are deposited into your crypto account can then enjoy extremely high-interest rates to give your revenue that extra boost. You can, therefore, easily allow your funds to earn extra daily income without doing any trading at all. All of this is on top of your usual trading habits to build up a little extra revenue.

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    Efficiently Manage Your Trading Risks

    All cryptocurrency trading and investment come with some amount of risk, naturally (as does any financial investment), but we’re here to support and advise with your cryptocurrency needs in order to limit any risks. We offer a variety of stop-loss limit orders to reduce the risks associated with trading. This has low-margin requirements, and our service always ensures effective and flexible use of your crypto funds.

We Take Pride in Low Transaction Costs

At UNI, we don't want you to worry about unreasonably high transactions fees that will cut your hard-earned profit.

Aside from extremely tight spreads, UNI also offers a 0% handling fee to let our clients focus on growing their investments rather than worrying about transaction fees.

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Arrange and Manage Your Online Transactions Anytime, Anywhere

Now that everyone is digital, UNI provides you the flexibility to deal with online transactions and manage your account wherever you are and whenever you need to.

We offer both web trading platforms to make your crypto transactions easy and a complementary mobile platform for your on the go transactions. Trade from the comfort of your home and never miss out on key transactions no matter where you are.

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Stay up to date with what's hot and trending in the financial market with our real-time news. Get access to breaking news, professional charts, and the latest in the financial world.

Reliable 24/7 Customer Service

Our reliable support team provides excellent customer service in your preferred language to answer your queries and resolve conflicts in real-time.

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